I Came to US with just 100$ in pocket and then scaled three 7 figure and one 8 figure businesses

I came to the US with $100 in my pocket and self-fund my way through grad school using teaching assistantships.

Over the last 20 years, I helped build, nurture and grow four companies in 
- Benefits Administration
- Human Capital Management
- InsureTech
- HealthTech and Healthcare Services 

All of them culminated in lucrative exits after stellar growth 
- 2 from scratch to $10M+ in ARR
- 1 from $600K to $60M+ in ARR
- and another from $60M to $300M+ ARR

I’ve helped raise and deploy millions in venture capital, and played a pivotal role in ensuring productivity focused operations, efficient P&L management, strategic organic and inorganic growth, and subsequent exits for these companies. 

I have also founded, invested, and/or mentored several ventures, some modestly successful and others that did very well. 

I consult with startups and mid size firms in a board, executive or advisory role specializing in strategy, operations, turnaround and growth expertise.

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