About Rajeev

Rajeev Mudumba is a dynamic senior executive with over 20 years of extensive leadership experience in servicing corporate and government clients.

Throughout his career, Rajeev has built profitable, value based businesses, turned around sick ones, nurtured strategic partnerships and facilitated innovative technology based enterprises. Over the years, he has built expertise in business & product strategy, technology, product development & management, operations, business development & fanatic account management. Rajeev continues to offer critical cross-functional expertise in managing P&L aimed at achieving growth & profitability objectives, & adding new revenue streams. He has always ensured sharp client focus with the ability to remedy challenges, individually and collaboratively. Expert communication, negotiation & organizational skills with the capacity to work in fast-paced, changing environments come standard. Rajeev has achieved stellar results in international business, startups, new business lines, turnarounds and client intervention/restoration.

Finally, Rajeev is a motivated, lead-by-example change agent & an advocate of empowerment & accountability, providing diplomatic and participatory leadership ensuring efficiencies in process, control, compliance, profitability and shareholder value.

Rajeev is an accomplished author, speaker and thought leader. He speaks and writes frequently on the topics of health & wellness, professional dynamics, self empowerment, life & career coaching among others. Rajeev has delivered keynote/ topical speeches at AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans), Employee Benefits and Healthcare Consumerism Conferences and other national & international Conferences. He continues to mentor startups, current and future entrepreneurs and next generation executives in the making.

Accolades include World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana’s 2010 Global Visionary Award, Business First of Louisville’s Forty Under 40 Award, Telehealth and Medicine Today’s 2016 Publisher’s Award & Indian Achievers Forum’s 2017 Indian Achievers’ Award for Healthcare and Education.

You will find on this blog; his ideas, experiences and opinions. Your thoughts and feedback are welcome.

You can reach Rajeev Mudumba @ rajeevsagar@gmail.com.

Follow Rajeev on twitter @hifromraj


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