A Dialogue with Briar Harvey, Founder of Latchkey Movies & A Story for Another Time

Five years ago and 36 weeks into her pregnancy, Briar Harvey said she went into the hospital expecting to come home with a baby, but instead she came home with nothing. Due to complications, her baby didn’t make it. Coming out of that trauma, Briar is now the Founder and Host of A Story for Another Time, a narrative style memoir about her life. She is also the co-host of Latchkey Movies, the podcast where she takes a critical look at the movies your kids are watching without your supervision. Briar is an author, marketing strategist, a personal systems coach and the founder of the Omaha Women’s Circle. All of her work and associated information can be found at www.briarharvey.com.

Briar discusses her work and how she goes about thriving in what she does and advises that no matter what, do not give up what you are passionate about, for your success lies therein and you need to persist to realize it!

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Most of us need to work for a living. That’s a given! What kind of a living and doing what is totally upto you. You acquire skills and knowledge and get into a job with an organization or perhaps, strike out on your own, early in your career or at some point after you have acquired a few years of work experience working for someone else . Hopefully, in a job that you like and a company that you adore.

As you evolve in your role and understand your realm of influence better, you take on further responsibilities and start climbing up the ladder or perhaps, find a better role at a different organization. It’s important that you identify your skillset, domain and organization you work with, in order not just to enjoy what you do but to make your biggest impact with your work. For someone in control of their knowledge, skills and work, the holistic management of their career comes easy. 

Most of us embark on a career that spans between 30-40 years of our productive life. Its ideal to have a plan, keep revisiting it from time to time to make adjustments and changes and execute on your life plan. As you grow and change, so do your surroundings, work culture, work needs and your own interests and needs. Its important to revisit your career path, skill needs and interests from time to time to ensure you make adjustments. You may need to learn new things with the changes in play, environmentally, technically or otherwise. You may no longer be interested in skills that got you excited about, at the beginning of your career. You would have gathered expertise and experience over time which helped evolve you as a person and a professional and now, you may want to discover your new potential by chasing after what inspires you now, at this point in time.And that is how it should be when it comes to managing and realizing your potential.

On the other hand, if you are not in control of your skills, likes and dislikes or hold on to a job, not to give it your best, but for security or a paycheck, then you are not just doing a disservice to the organization you work for, but to your self and your potential. You are barely living and scraping through without testing your own mettle and making, even an attempt at realizing your potential. By this, I do not mean that you need to stop one day and jump ship to pursue what you believe you want to do. What I mean is start with introspection, understanding yourself and your creative, personal and professional needs. Now, take stock of your family’s and living needs. Create a plan for transitioning yourself to what you really want to do. Ensure you build in time and energy to acquire new skills, plan and execute on that plan in a step by step manner while you review its results. Make adjustments to your plan based on results. From time to time, ask yourself, if you are enjoying this process and if this is the right direction you want to go in. Course correct, if needed.

I have friends who went through a 15 year career as an Engineer and realized that what they wanted to do was be a doctor, went back to school for several years before they became a practicing doctor in their mid 40’s. I know of people who embarked on a second career after retirement, this time pursuing their passion.At any point in life, you can take control of your life. Its never too late. First, quell the doubts and fears and affirm in yourself what you plan and hope to do. Then, just do it! Irrespective of the size of your material success, you will be glad you did it for this will be the best time of your life and those around you, for they will see a different you and will have a new found respect for you. Your inspiration for others will be immense! And you will leave the world a better place, with no regrets! Just these aspects of it are worth it!

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Can you THINK yourself to your desired level of Success?

Have you ever wondered if you can “THINK” yourself to your desired level of success? Can you influence your thinking to put you on a path of achieving success in real-time? What is the power of thought and how can it help us achieve success in the real world? Let’s listen and find out…

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What are you AFRAID of?

What are you AFRAID of? What’s holding you back from unleashing your full potential and benefitting from it? If it’s not a lack of intent or effort, then what is it? In this episode, let’s explore and unravel the mystery and understand better how we can overcome any obstacles in our path to success…

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What are you AFRAID of?

What are you AFRAID of? What’s holding you back from unleashing your full potential and benefitting from it? If it’s not a lack of intent or effort, then what is it? In this episode, let’s explore and unravel the mystery and understand better how we can overcome any obstacles in our path to success…

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Playing with Fear


Fear is a primal response to threat. And, it has played a crucial part in the management of human instincts and survival trends through the ages. While it served its purpose of taking a fight or flight decision when faced with physical danger during primitive times and also serves for the same, during modern times; it has also shaped into a formidable management tool through the industrial age to modern times. This time, it’s not necessarily about facing physical danger but facing uncomfortable situations as a result of not following planned direction. However, it’s usage and potency is arguable and I am sure there will be people on either side of the fence deliberating fear’s effectiveness as a management tool.


Today, I am more interested in exploring fear for what it is and how, as an individual and leader, you need to understand it, to use it effectively to your advantage. Like someone said, risk or danger is real, but fear, it’s a choice. Either you can decide to let it control you or you take over the reins and control it. And, if you do manage to take the reins in your hands to manage fear, let me assure you, you will experience freedom in its full glory.

Fear, like many things that are the most potent when used in calculated measures, is the most effective, when used sparsely. Life is a swing, there are ups and there are downs. That’s a given and most of us have experienced it and continue to experience it. There is euphoria with the ups and fear with the downs. However, with effective preparation and management of the downs, fear doesn’t have to rule you when you are experiencing them. Fear, at optimal measures, can be a great motivator for yourself as well as when applied to a team that is pursuing a goal, to nudge them in the direction of achievement, deft responsibility management and understanding accountability. In such situations, triggering fear can help with the release of tension and buildup of energy to tackle the problem at hand and eventually result in a sense of accomplishment.


However, when fear starts to engulf you or you end up using it beyond its potent value, it can be very damaging; its potency is lost to keep you or your team on track and as a result, chaos can take over. Knowing when to pull back is as important, if not more than to when and how much to push. When fear takes control, it tends to paralyze creativity and decision making prowess. As a result, there is a tendency to shift responsibility and depend on others’ decisions to act on, in order not to be held accountable. That just goes against the grain of accomplishment and progress. Be what you expect of others. Foster a flexible and positive atmosphere where mistakes are allowed but challenged not to recur, and when not on track, to come back to it. Knowing that its okay to screw up, so long as you learn from it and get back on track, helps everyone and instills a sense of camaraderie and trust among co-workers. It’s also important to understand that being on a constant alert to tackle stress is not healthy and can cause burnout. Winding down, relaxing and rejuvenating before picking up the mantle, is all a part of fostering the right stress management process.

On the individual front, fear tends to curb adventure and can hold you back for no reason. Any venture can either flourish or flounder. The risk or reward for any steps you take, tend to stay defined. If you fail, have the willpower and planning to get back up and try again. It can’t get worse than that. Then, why, let fear take you over and hinder you from make an attempt for a prolonged period, when there is a decent chance of you succeeding? Go ahead, and do what you plan to do. Believe me, the rest will all follow through.

Fostering Team Camaraderie – It’s NOT always about the mission!


Fostering team camaraderie is no easy task. For many, the team leader-member relationship is that of someone who leads and directs and others who follow. Nothing can be farther from truth than that. You can argue that a good leader leads from the front, is empathetic and so on and so forth. But, that’s not what I am here to discuss today.

I am here to discuss how to invigorate, spread and share the same essence of doer ship and direction across the team, to do one’s best to ensure that each team member is touched by it and dwells in that spirit, so that ultimately, the whole team moves in one direction toward one mission. That’s the stuff great teams’ and great organizations are made of. It takes them over and above individual needs and wants, the organizational benefits and aspirations and toward pure execution to attain a unified mission as one team. It’s an experience par any for the proud members of that team which they cherish forever.

Like I said, getting everyone on the team to think like one is not an easy task. Not easy, but definitely possible! While all individuals have different hot buttons that motivate them and it’s the job of the leader to ensure that they are being actively responded to, its these individuals that come together as a team, to act on one unified objective. The leader and the team members have shared responsibility in helping each other align closer with that mission. And that comes about in several forms of interactions from group to individual settings. Not everyone needs to see the big picture but everyone does need to see the picture from where they stand and understand very clearly their part in fulfilling it. At the same time, team dynamics play a crucial part in how effectively a team performs. This is where the unique differentiator between teams lies. Team dynamics is not strengthened, just by focused concentration on the work at hand. It gets stronger and more effective when the team interacts socially and participates in activities besides work. I am not talking about hitting the bar and sharing silly jokes. For some, that might work to an extent. I am talking about doing things besides work that strengthens their bond and fosters mutual respect and awe for each other. This could mean, sharing hobbies and other skills, connecting to discuss and act on social and volunteer projects, opening each other to new avenues and opportunities, thus fostering learning and cultivating new horizons for the team.

This goes a long way in forming true friendships and bonds between teammates. It takes the relationship to the next level where they draw inspiration from each other. It helps members recognize new strengths and skills in each other, allowing them new found respect for their peers. All of this comes through eventually, when the team acts as one and takes on a challenge head on, in not just successful accomplishments, but accomplishments of a greater quality and higher caliber. This elevates their professional interactions to a new level, helps them find better and more capable personalities within themselves, and most important of all, true happiness in what they do and who they work with everyday.

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Build your brand or risk getting branded!


Millions of us that work, very closely adhere our self-image to our work. It’s debatable whether that’s fortunate or not. We tend to closely associate our recognition by the position and company we keep. You are either a Software Developer or a Sales guy at Google, Apple or Yahoo or somewhere else.

Hence, when someone leaves a job, they are kind of lost until they find their image back at a new role. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I believe, everyone should craft their unique identity and brand based on who they really are, what they like and are passionate about, and how their uniqueness comes across as an advantage to a position or an organization they associate themselves with.

Let me enlighten you with an example that many will understand. There are several skilled and stellar actors in our movie world. Some are known for a single role or certain kind of roles they play. They are branded for that role and/or movie or for that stream of roles they play. Their work in specific movies and roles tends to brand them. While, there are others who have crafted their own unique image and play multiple roles in a variety of movies, yet hold their own. You watch a certain movie because that particular actor starred in it. Some movies, you go to watch for the movie and others, you watch because of the actor. That’s the difference.

Not everyone is fortunate to have that range of visibility for their work, yet with a bit of smarts, you can differentiate yourself from the multitude that work in a similar line as you, and put your own stamp on the work you perform. Not only does it distinguish you but also attracts better and unique opportunities your way that can propel you way beyond your wildest imagination.

Take on the challenges you are faced with by the horns and put your best foot forward, and always give that little bit extra of yourself to make your mark!

Making Things Work…..


In the most trying of times, those that come out, probably tired, exhausted and even with a few chinks in their armor but definitely, triumphant are the ones that work together as a team.

After all, we have all heard that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

In business or personal life, working together is inevitable. After all, no monumental accomplishment was due to a single person’s effort. Working together can mean tremendous pressure, but if the pressure is faced and the energy channelized to build on the effort, it can mean great experiences, stronger bonds and finally impressive accomplishments for those involved.

With generations to come, and the need for instant gratification, there is less patience in those that interact. Just a tad bit of perseverance; restraint and focus can make things work through interaction, than personal gripes and would mean so much more for everyone together and individually.

Yet, this is hardly understood in colleagues working together or families working on their relationships. Personal egos get the better of everyone and as a result, everyone collectively and individually suffers whether they acknowledge the latter or not.

No matter who you are and what your role, the end goal has to be upheld over personal goals. And eventually, success in togetherness reflects on individual success as well.

So, teams out there that are working on projects 24×7 because, that’s what they demand to get accomplished, work together with complete trust of each other. There will be a time to reflect, work things out between colleagues and gather lessons to improve the next interaction. For now, focus on resolving tasks at hand to accomplish the end goal.

Families and friends, the relationships you cherish are a blessing. Happiness is in giving. Give of your time and attention to nourish and strengthen these relationships. All those tasks that you pile up to get done and seem so urgent vying for your attention can wait a tad bit. You will always have the time in the world to get them done. What you will not is the time to interact with your family and friends. Put them before your chores. Better yet, spend quality time on doing stuff together. You will enjoy such time and tasks get accomplished before you know of the effort put in.

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Can you Think Yourself into Your Desired Level of Success?


During the days when I taught management courses, many a student has asked me, “How do I become as successful in life as I possibly can?” In some cases, the question was, “How do I become as successful as I want to?” The de facto answer was, “Work hard.” And there were several others such as establish goals, pursue them diligently, dream big, focus, plan your work, work your plan, etc.”

Now, in hindsight, I would have given a more introspective answer for them to reflect upon. Not that all said above is untrue; it surely is a requirement for success. But, there are several intrinsic behaviors and patterns that determine the level of success you achieve in life.

It’s often said that in order to be successful at what you do, know your strengths and weaknesses and surround yourself with people who are strong in your weak areas. As a result, you develop a circle of strength from which to operate and find positive results in your endeavors.

However, how do you determine your level of success? I mean, how do you ensure you make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of people versus a few hundred or even tens? How do you build a business that is multi-national than locally or regionally focused? How do you build a billion dollar corporation than one that plays in the hundreds of thousands? How do you land the job you desire in the field of your choice in the organization you aspire to work for? How do you grow your career prospects as you gather experience? How do you move into your desired lifestyle? The answer to this lies in the daily life you cultivate and nurture. In other words, your daily interactions, the people you interact with, the books you read, the inspiration and thoughts you cultivate and the rapport you share with those that have done it before.


Dreaming big and executing on a roadmap to realize your dream is just not enough. You need to build and interact with the right network, develop a nourishing atmosphere so that you can constantly draw inspiration; all your interactions, thoughts and actions need to be a sum total of this. Draw inspiration to chart your own path, the way you see it. Talk, read, and contemplate on what you aspire to do every second, every minute of your existence. Build on the intensity so that your thoughts are shaped by it which shows in your decisions, your actions and finally in your results.

It’s also often said, “When in Rome, act like the Romans.” Well, this is not about acting like Romans, but about getting to be the King of Rome. Not when in Rome, but on the way to Rome, so you arrive King!

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