A Dialogue with Briar Harvey, Founder of Latchkey Movies & A Story for Another Time

Five years ago and 36 weeks into her pregnancy, Briar Harvey said she went into the hospital expecting to come home with a baby, but instead she came home with nothing. Due to complications, her baby didn’t make it. Coming out of that trauma, Briar is now the Founder and Host of A Story for Another Time, a narrative style memoir about her life. She is also the co-host of Latchkey Movies, the podcast where she takes a critical look at the movies your kids are watching without your supervision. Briar is an author, marketing strategist, a personal systems coach and the founder of the Omaha Women’s Circle. All of her work and associated information can be found at www.briarharvey.com.

Briar discusses her work and how she goes about thriving in what she does and advises that no matter what, do not give up what you are passionate about, for your success lies therein and you need to persist to realize it!

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Most of us need to work for a living. That’s a given! What kind of a living and doing what is totally upto you. You acquire skills and knowledge and get into a job with an organization or perhaps, strike out on your own, early in your career or at some point after you have acquired a few years of work experience working for someone else . Hopefully, in a job that you like and a company that you adore.

As you evolve in your role and understand your realm of influence better, you take on further responsibilities and start climbing up the ladder or perhaps, find a better role at a different organization. It’s important that you identify your skillset, domain and organization you work with, in order not just to enjoy what you do but to make your biggest impact with your work. For someone in control of their knowledge, skills and work, the holistic management of their career comes easy. 

Most of us embark on a career that spans between 30-40 years of our productive life. Its ideal to have a plan, keep revisiting it from time to time to make adjustments and changes and execute on your life plan. As you grow and change, so do your surroundings, work culture, work needs and your own interests and needs. Its important to revisit your career path, skill needs and interests from time to time to ensure you make adjustments. You may need to learn new things with the changes in play, environmentally, technically or otherwise. You may no longer be interested in skills that got you excited about, at the beginning of your career. You would have gathered expertise and experience over time which helped evolve you as a person and a professional and now, you may want to discover your new potential by chasing after what inspires you now, at this point in time.And that is how it should be when it comes to managing and realizing your potential.

On the other hand, if you are not in control of your skills, likes and dislikes or hold on to a job, not to give it your best, but for security or a paycheck, then you are not just doing a disservice to the organization you work for, but to your self and your potential. You are barely living and scraping through without testing your own mettle and making, even an attempt at realizing your potential. By this, I do not mean that you need to stop one day and jump ship to pursue what you believe you want to do. What I mean is start with introspection, understanding yourself and your creative, personal and professional needs. Now, take stock of your family’s and living needs. Create a plan for transitioning yourself to what you really want to do. Ensure you build in time and energy to acquire new skills, plan and execute on that plan in a step by step manner while you review its results. Make adjustments to your plan based on results. From time to time, ask yourself, if you are enjoying this process and if this is the right direction you want to go in. Course correct, if needed.

I have friends who went through a 15 year career as an Engineer and realized that what they wanted to do was be a doctor, went back to school for several years before they became a practicing doctor in their mid 40’s. I know of people who embarked on a second career after retirement, this time pursuing their passion.At any point in life, you can take control of your life. Its never too late. First, quell the doubts and fears and affirm in yourself what you plan and hope to do. Then, just do it! Irrespective of the size of your material success, you will be glad you did it for this will be the best time of your life and those around you, for they will see a different you and will have a new found respect for you. Your inspiration for others will be immense! And you will leave the world a better place, with no regrets! Just these aspects of it are worth it!

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What are you AFRAID of?

What are you AFRAID of? What’s holding you back from unleashing your full potential and benefitting from it? If it’s not a lack of intent or effort, then what is it? In this episode, let’s explore and unravel the mystery and understand better how we can overcome any obstacles in our path to success…

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What are you AFRAID of?

What are you AFRAID of? What’s holding you back from unleashing your full potential and benefitting from it? If it’s not a lack of intent or effort, then what is it? In this episode, let’s explore and unravel the mystery and understand better how we can overcome any obstacles in our path to success…

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DayDreaming – Designing your life from the clouds


Day Dreaming is actually a very good pastime. Did you know that?

Although abhorred as a waste of time by many and especially where parents admonish kids from doing so, it’s not truly a “waste of time” as its deemed to be.

Daydreaming is not just about building castles in the clouds and fantasizing about what could be and living through it in thin air. Agreed, to a certain extent, it’s just that. However, it speaks to your vivid, no bars held imagination and fiery creativity, it speaks to your intelligence, potential and your vision of what could and should be.

If you are a formidable personality, it can help ignite your passion, accelerate your motivation and push you to achieve your dreams in real life. Although you may think that daydreaming is unintentional, it’s actually purposeful and shaped by your environment, your surroundings and experiences and in many a case, perhaps a tad bit of escapism from present reality to where you would like to be.

Zoning out helps. You focus better when you zone back in. While having your mind wander is seen as being inattentive and lazy, it helps take you out of the constraints of the current situation and look at it from an outsider’s perspective, truly “out of the box” perspective to find solutions that you would otherwise overlook, or perhaps be unable to see at all.

It’s important to understand the difference between day dreaming and multi-tasking. Multi-tasking, where you end up thinking of or paying attention to something else while doing one thing, because either that one thing is too easy for you to do and doesn’t need all your faculties involved, or you are plain disinterested in it, is about division of attention and has nothing to do with giving your imagination wings.

Daydreaming is perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of our brain. It truly liberates your imagination and lets it fly independently to conjure whatever you feel like. From fantasies to realism, it’s all in there for it to build upon. However, not every daydream is created equal. While fantasies may lull you into momentary happiness, once you are out of it, you may feel more frustrated and disappointed. On the other hand, if such daydreaming has a path toward realism, you will find purpose and are bound to feel motivated to realize in real life. Now, its up to you to strive and make it happen, thus creating that sense of accomplishment and lasting happiness for yourself.

Daydreaming is assumed to be an unbridled horse wafting across the clouds. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that. We can structure our daydreams to work for us. For instance, if you have a realistic daydream, you can help structure it by applying yourself to it in the dream, as you would want to in real life, to achieve it. Never jump to the result straightaway and dream your success, just because you can. If you have a realistic dream, and aspire to achieve it, constantly thinking about it, creating the details and the depth of it. When you daydream, you can work through it step by step; all that needs to get done in detail. From the actions to take, the challenges you may face to how you will overcome them, all the way to achieving that goal. You can live that experience before you actually experience it in real life, thus better preparing yourself to make it happen!

When you have the ability to build your own world in your head, why not leverage it to make a change in your real life as well.

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Is there a short cut to Self-Actualization?


Maslow must have studied human behavior really well to have propounded the theory of hierarchy of needs. To refresh you with the theory that came about in the 1940s, human behavior is motivated to fulfill needs in the order of Physiological, Safety, Belongingness and Love, Esteem and Self-Actualization.

It is the logical order that keeps the wheels of human interactions going. If you are struggling to fend for yourself, you are always worried about where the next meal shall come from. Once your hunger is satisfied and you have taken care of it, not just for today but also for the near future, you look to the next need of shelter and companionship. Next, you want to defend what you have built for yourself. Living a relatively secure life, you crave for recognition and a status in society. Most of that is achieved with your professional position, extended further into societal placement. All along, it is primarily about elevating yourself in your own eyes. Finally, when you have it all; then, the need to fulfill your intrinsic needs comes into play. This is where your creativity, your interest in self-expression through your passion to the best of your abilities peaks. The goal at this point is personal satisfaction and happiness, oblivious of all that it could entail in terms of name, fame and money. Sometimes, this is also called the point of spiritual realization.

Now, coming back to my question, is there a short cut to self-actualization?

Maslow believed that in order to fulfill the need for self-actualization, all other needs would have to be not only satisfied, but also mastered. On this particular note, I differ. I believe there is a short cut to self-actualization. There are several amongst us that pursue a passion as a profession for the love of it. This allows for their creativity to peak since they enjoy what they do. Happiness and bliss become perennial. Self Esteem is also at its peak or they are oblivious to it. Name, fame & money follow when you excel at what you do. It’s often said that in order to be successful, pursue your passion, not money or other emoluments for when you obsess over them, success eludes you. Every one out to achieve success, dismisses the struggle they go through. They recognize the sacrifices made but do not pay much attention to it, when in pursuit of what they enjoy. Ultimately success happens. In more cases than not, they are oblivious to even success. They practice a passion for the love of it and success, which in worldly terms means the fulfillment of all the other needs follows through. Even if it doesn’t follow through to the extent where you can say that they have mastered the other needs, they really don’t care for they are absorbed in practicing their passion and that itself is success for them. That is self-actualization and it can be independent of the other needs.

As someone said, it’s not the destination but the journey that needs to be experienced and enjoyed. What more can be a better outcome than this?

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Innovation is an accident!


The act of innovation and the results thereby are always by accident. And, that’s when they are the sweetest.

Innovation is the after effect, the result of creativity. And when is creativity at its best?

Well, there are two schools of thought. One believes that you need to have experienced certain hardship, been under pressure or difficult circumstances and as you toil to get out of this situation, you innovate. You think and act in creative ways to solve the issue at hand and come up with some very novel ways of doing so.

Another school of thought believes that true innovation, for that matter quality innovation happens in an environment that helps nurture creativity. True breeding grounds of creativity need to be established and encouraged where an issue to be solved is first recognized; then, those enlisted to act on solving the issue are freed up of any other responsibilities and are charged with focusing on this one thing.

More often that not, history has shown us that true innovation happens under pressure, when you are trying to solve an issue you are struggling with. However, the latter is true as well, but what happens there is not creative innovation to solve an issue, but more of solution enhancement and optimization; albeit creative.

Let me enumerate through some examples.

The invention of the round wheel was innovation that happened to fulfill a need, transport; the improvisation of the wheel to make it last longer, go faster, adapt to different vehicles, etc. falls under solution enhancement.

Connecting people through e-mail and Facebook during this Internet age was innovation addressing a need, social connectivity. Twitter, chat and the different facelifts we see of Facebook are improvisation and solution enhancement.

Generally speaking, the birth of innovation to solve an issue happens purely due to the urge to solve the issue; there is not much needed in terms of money and establishments to do that for its entirely based on frugality and the excitement to see something new. What follows after that, demands a lot more in terms of money and material to improvise and scale.

Not to say that one is righteous than the other, we all know that the world needs both.

Creativity, whether in profession or hobby is the spark that makes what you do purposeful. Where do you find your fulfillment?  In the former or the latter? Once you can answer that, you will know where your passion, your heart lies and where you can prosper and thrive.

“Out of Sight” is “Out of Mind”

It is said “out of sight” is “out of mind”. Don’t you agree?

As a professional, the day job each one of us carries on with is an everyday reiteration of this. You are only as good as what your contribution is for the day. Yesterday is in the past and tomorrow didn’t arrive soon enough. Hence, it’s important to ensure that you are at your very best each day. Bring your best attitude, your acumen and collective experience to execute on your expertise each day. Never rest on the laurels of a day gone by.

At the same time, ensure that you leverage your accomplishments of the past. Carry them with you and reflect upon them yourself as well as reflect them on others you interact with to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from your past laurels. Although, these are from a time gone by, they are useful to provide a vision of what you have to offer and are capable of. Hence, never let your past accomplishments go stale. It’s not just for you to value but to reflect on others so they value them as much, thus helping you make significant strides in things you are set out to do.

Tell your story to anyone who is willing to lend an ear. Get excited about your story each time you relate it. Excitement is contagious. Your passion will rub off on your audience and will benefit you in the long run. Remember, you are your best spokesperson. Passion and Attitude you carry will pave the way for greater accomplishments you are set out to achieve. After all, the journey needs to be as wonderful as the destination.

In your personal life, it is vital to ensure that you live and renew your relationships each day. Never take a relationship for granted. The more you put into one, the more you get out of it. Once in a while, get nostalgic. Remember those who have had an influence on you and continue to do so. At the same time, there might be certain bitter experiences you’d rather forget. Do so, but remember the lesson you derived from such experiences.

Keep the best of your past and most of your current fresh, in your mind and your heart for these shape the future you aspire for.

As I said, out of sight is out of mind.