You just cannot please everyone…

There is a story that I came across recently. You might have heard it before, but let me relate it to you.

There was on old couple riding along on a donkey when 2 onlookers commented on how cruel they were to overburden the animal. The husband got down and walked while the wife rode along. After a short distance, some other passersby laughed at them and wondered what a fool the husband was to walk and let the wife ride. Immediately, the husband asked the wife to get down and walk while he rode the donkey.  A few minutes passed by. They came across some more onlookers who thought it was very harsh on the part of the husband to ride the donkey while his wife walked along. Finally, the couple decided to walk along with the donkey. After another half a mile, a few people passing along laughed at them for having a donkey and not riding it!

What did you learn from this story? That, you just cannot please everyone no matter how hard you try.

In your personal life, you want to ensure your family’s happiness. Fair enough.

In your professional life, it’s about pleasing your customers but that again, has to be done within some reasonable limits. When you try to please each and every customer by agreeing to every one of their demands, you are not pleasing anyone since, what you offer does not meet the needs of anyone in particular. Hence, saying no to a customer is not taboo. You have to choose your customers so that they are a cultural fit to your organization and then, give your best to keep them.

Other than that, there are a myriad of professional relationships you balance as a part of your work life. It’s a learned skill to successfully maneuver these. Again, the fact that you cannot please everyone trumps. And the only way you trump in a professional setting is with sheer smarts, integrity and acumen to deliver results. Be yourself, be answerable to your inner self and experience confidence in what you say and do. You succeed as long as you are your true self. Any deviation from this to please anyone other than you results in a conflict within. And, conflicts with self do not nurture all that is needed to truly succeed. So, simply, be yourself and enjoy all that it brings your way!