Mind What You Hear & Speak Your Mind!


Greetings, Folks!

I have been out of the loop for a while. Sorry about that, had several things competing for my time over the last few weeks. However, I shouldn’t let this suffer, our interaction.

Last week saw the demise of a great motivational guru, Zig Ziglar. Zig has lived a rich and diverse life, a well-deserved one, one that he chiseled the way he sought; as you can gather from several of his talks & writings. I have always been deeply inspired by the simplicity, yet profoundness of his words. I love the way he gets his point across, through simple stories from parables to his vivid experiences. In my mind, he is the father of motivational speaking of this era. I spent some time reviewing some of his videos and talks today. They are as inspiring as ever, every time you listen to them. Here’s wishing him peace where he rests today.

LinkedIn has started sharing a smattering of posts from various popular print media that have been termed as posts by “influencers”. In the current information age, there is abundance, a tsunami of information of any kind that you choose, coming at you from every direction. A few decades ago, before the spread of technology as we know it today, collection of information was a big deal. Any access you had to any kind of media was much appreciated in order to increase your horizon. Today, there is a huge influx of information coming at you without your asking for it. The issue today is very different; it’s about sifting through what comes at you, selecting what you want to spend time on and then, deciphering what is fact from fiction, and finally, assimilating the facts to help with the enhancement of your horizon. At the same time, it’s also about interaction. You can no longer just be the receptor of information. Technology places immense power at your hands to help you react within a matter of seconds, if not minutes and share the same with millions across the world. The fall of Egyptian & Libyan autocracies from the recent past are examples of the influence of information exchange among the masses.

Although there is abundant information out there, some fact and some fiction with effort needed by us to review and validate before we assimilate, the advantages of having access to an abundance of information at our finger tips outweighs the problem of validation of what’s available.

Most importantly, do not just be one that is absorbing and assimilating information of your choice. It’s time that you start providing a voice to your thoughts, your reactions as you take in what the world has to offer you. Take your stand, make your statement, and let your voice be heard. That is what makes the dialogue meaningful and ensures its authenticity and growth on the rightful path. It’s beneficial to you and everyone else.


Mind over Matter…


I woke up this morning and read about the 4 year old little girl in Syria who was hit by a “stray” bullet while playing in her mother’s lap at home and didn’t survive the next day. Felt a pang of pain and frustration for the little one and her family, hope they all find peace. This is one piece of news we may read or hear about; there is so much we may never hear about….

The human mind never fails to amp up my fascination each time I learn a bit more. The way it is structured to hold long term and short term memories, accepts and absorbs shock, has varying capacity for such absorption from person to person is all very fascinating.

Today, there is a constant influx and onslaught of information through various media – on-line, offline, audio, visual, etc. We tend to use the media we prefer and we follow a path to filter & comprehend; a path traversing; along with the rest of the world, the more populous of news and then, our own realm of likes and interests.

And the news we consume tends to have an impact on us, sometimes minimal and at other times, pretty dramatic. The media it’s consumed in also contributes to the level of impact. A tragedy we come across may have a gloomy impact forcing us to retrospect in its background and a triumph brings us together in celebration, solidarity and brightens the future horizon.

There is so much that happens in the world that doesn’t even hit the visibility angle. What we view, hear or experience is only a subset of what transpires daily in our world, our lives. We simply do not have the capacity to process all that happens, whether known or unknown. But, the least we can do is to judge and react to what we come across and know.

It’s one thing to be a spectator and a totally different thing to decide and act on it; it may just impact ourselves or others we know or an entire community. But, it’s important to react to ensure that what has been processed has an impact and for that matter, a positive one. No matter how insignificant it may seem, any action can play a defining role in minimizing the impact of bad news while significantly contribute to the strength of a good piece of news.

In order to sustain the quality of life we desire and the nature of surroundings we aspire, the people, atmosphere and vibes we surround ourselves with become important. Be in the midst of wise men, you will be wise. Be in the midst of inspiration and goodwill, you will be inspired and will be able to do well. It’s crucial that we attract and comprehend information complementary to our aspired demeanor. This is not to say that you should totally shut out the troubled information. But, with an inspired demeanor that we cherish, non motivating news will not have its gloomy impact on us or our surroundings. In fact, some of our inner happiness and drive will rub off on it and its dark impact may diminish. When a whole community, city or society imbibes this culture of feeling and doing well, the impact of such harsh news will significantly diminish; infact, such news itself may be hard to come by. You might think, I am preaching utopia here. Hey, no one said dreaming of one is wrong and when you are out there to wish well, why not wish for the best!

“Out of Sight” is “Out of Mind”

It is said “out of sight” is “out of mind”. Don’t you agree?

As a professional, the day job each one of us carries on with is an everyday reiteration of this. You are only as good as what your contribution is for the day. Yesterday is in the past and tomorrow didn’t arrive soon enough. Hence, it’s important to ensure that you are at your very best each day. Bring your best attitude, your acumen and collective experience to execute on your expertise each day. Never rest on the laurels of a day gone by.

At the same time, ensure that you leverage your accomplishments of the past. Carry them with you and reflect upon them yourself as well as reflect them on others you interact with to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from your past laurels. Although, these are from a time gone by, they are useful to provide a vision of what you have to offer and are capable of. Hence, never let your past accomplishments go stale. It’s not just for you to value but to reflect on others so they value them as much, thus helping you make significant strides in things you are set out to do.

Tell your story to anyone who is willing to lend an ear. Get excited about your story each time you relate it. Excitement is contagious. Your passion will rub off on your audience and will benefit you in the long run. Remember, you are your best spokesperson. Passion and Attitude you carry will pave the way for greater accomplishments you are set out to achieve. After all, the journey needs to be as wonderful as the destination.

In your personal life, it is vital to ensure that you live and renew your relationships each day. Never take a relationship for granted. The more you put into one, the more you get out of it. Once in a while, get nostalgic. Remember those who have had an influence on you and continue to do so. At the same time, there might be certain bitter experiences you’d rather forget. Do so, but remember the lesson you derived from such experiences.

Keep the best of your past and most of your current fresh, in your mind and your heart for these shape the future you aspire for.

As I said, out of sight is out of mind.

Stupid and childish, I don’t think so!

In the recent past, we have seen several scams and high profile issues where the accused come out and say how much they regret what they had done and that they were stupid and childish to have done so.  Stupid, yes; I can understand that but, why is stupid followed by “childish”. They were guilty and highly irresponsible and in no way childish.

This generation’s children and for that matter, of those before are/were hardly irresponsible. Stupid and childish should not go together. Children in fact are responsible for their age, are innocent, endearing and have all the right qualities that adults aspire for. Children are smart in ways beyond we can imagine. They are like sponges, always learning and imbibing from their surroundings. They may be naïve and lack experience in the ways of the world, but their heart and mind is in the right place. These scamsters and wrongdoers are in no way inexperienced or ignorant of what they were doing. Only when caught, they express their regret which once again goes to show their lack of true remorse. How can such actions be considered childish?

The character of children is malleable. As I stated before, they are like sponges, always learning from their surroundings which further helps chisel their character that goes on to shape their lives. All children are innocent and have an affinity for what is good and right. It’s amazing but, there is a lot we can learn from our own children. It is not about age or experience, it’s about a clean mind and heart and an affinity for love, peace, togetherness and harmony in life. First, its these basics one can learn from them. Further, we can learn transparency, tenacity, conviction and other such virtues from children. On second thought, it is actually a blessing to be childish. The definition of childish should not be representative of immaturity that is used to depict immature acts of adults. That surely needs to change! Don’t you agree?