The Promise Of Hope!


An entrepreneurial journey.

A creative endeavor.

Graduating from school.

Starting a family.

Raising kids.

Planning your future.

The promise of hope is what keeps the world going! Hope is the magical elixir that keeps the rainbow-hued horizon always bright, no matter the present or past; and rightfully so. The promise of your future should be pursued using lessons from the past and applying them in your present. And, at all times, the promise of the future is always bright!

How else would you find yourself getting up each time you fall, just to work as hard, if not harder in pursuit of your goals, unmindful of all that you have been through so far.

Sometimes, the hue of hope tends to show the future in a skewed rosy tint. Beware! It’s alright to be hopeful but not by being blindsided to the facts of the present. Hope keeps the pursuit of a better tomorrow alive but in order to make that possible, plan your present well and follow the plan, analyze each step you take, make adjustments and corrections to sustain your immediate goals and collectively, these small successes will propel you toward your ultimate goal. The best part is that all this can begin anytime you are ready and there is no better time than now!

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Who are you? Clark Kent or Superman? Peter Parker or Spiderman?

It’s often said that you are a sum total of your aspirations, beliefs, thoughts and actions. Yet, we often tend to forget this as we work ourselves into the rigmarole of our daily lives. Idealistic pursuit of life and its goals starts with zeal as we embark fresh on this journey, equipped with skills, academic credentials and a bountiful heart to make a difference. And as we trod down that well traveled road, there are several alleys we come across, pass over and leave behind, each influencing us to shape our convictions and future journey. Some may be positive and some, not so positive but the journey nevertheless continues ceaselessly.

Somewhere along this journey, you realize that the path is not what it had always seemed to be. You are dealing with others like you and hence, have to master and manage these interaction dynamics in order to sustain the journey you began. This is where you see the danger of the dynamics at play and your involvement in the same taking over the idealism that you set out with. Slowly, there is the chance of you being a sum total of your achievements, position and its entitlements. If you succumb to it, beware, for you now have a skewed vision of the world in front of you and your position in it. This skewed vision can play a detriment to you, as a person, a professional set out on an illustrious career and your relations at home & at work.

There are several examples we see on a daily basis where such skewed vision has played havoc with people who soared to immense heights in what they endeavored, but ultimately their change in perception of themselves as the invincible has brought them crashing down. The insider traders cooling their heels in prison, the military generals who resigned once the skeletons fell out of the closet, the politicians who did not know where to turn to seek shelter and the sportsmen and celebrities who thought their stature meant they couldn’t be touched by their foibles are all examples of a lost identity in the glamour that beset them.

Remember, you and your uniqueness provide the sheen for the position you are in, the insurmountable tasks you take up and come out victorious. It is you that adorn your entitlements, not the other way round. Stay grounded, no matter where you go and what you achieve. Always, go back to the values with which you started. Along the journey, if confused, seek refuge in your moral values and they will always guide you to your destination. All the emoluments and successes that adorn you are because of you abiding by your values, never lose them in the reflection of your progress, for that is what got you where you are and that is what will hold you in good stead all along until you finish. It’s these values that make you unique and you will never lose your shine as a result, no matter where you are in your journey.