Build your brand or risk getting branded!


Millions of us that work, very closely adhere our self-image to our work. It’s debatable whether that’s fortunate or not. We tend to closely associate our recognition by the position and company we keep. You are either a Software Developer or a Sales guy at Google, Apple or Yahoo or somewhere else.

Hence, when someone leaves a job, they are kind of lost until they find their image back at a new role. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I believe, everyone should craft their unique identity and brand based on who they really are, what they like and are passionate about, and how their uniqueness comes across as an advantage to a position or an organization they associate themselves with.

Let me enlighten you with an example that many will understand. There are several skilled and stellar actors in our movie world. Some are known for a single role or certain kind of roles they play. They are branded for that role and/or movie or for that stream of roles they play. Their work in specific movies and roles tends to brand them. While, there are others who have crafted their own unique image and play multiple roles in a variety of movies, yet hold their own. You watch a certain movie because that particular actor starred in it. Some movies, you go to watch for the movie and others, you watch because of the actor. That’s the difference.

Not everyone is fortunate to have that range of visibility for their work, yet with a bit of smarts, you can differentiate yourself from the multitude that work in a similar line as you, and put your own stamp on the work you perform. Not only does it distinguish you but also attracts better and unique opportunities your way that can propel you way beyond your wildest imagination.

Take on the challenges you are faced with by the horns and put your best foot forward, and always give that little bit extra of yourself to make your mark!


Ego – An integral part of your success!

“Be egoless”, “Be humble”, “Being egoless will elevate you towards spirituality”…, how many times have you heard this?

At the same time,

“Stand up for yourself”, “Be individualistic”, “Never let go of your individuality”…, I am sure you have heard this too.

I agree that an individual persona is essential; after all, each one of us is unique. Whether strong or not, each one of us has a self-identity. That is the one distinguishing feature that is to be fiercely guarded and built on.

But, individuality while being totally egoless? Is that possible? You may say, history has given us several leaders who have proved to be strong individuals that, against all odds stuck to what they believed in and hence, were recognized by the world. But, at the same time they did this without any expectation or personal gain which shows that they did not have an ego.

Well, I am not so sure. I think the fact that they stuck to what they believed in does reflect their strong character but, this strong character has to be backed by a high self-esteem with an essence of “I”, which is an undercurrent of ego. Agreed, that these leaders definitely did not have egos that were maniacal and had them in control although there have been leaders with a very strong “I” factor who were more concerned about self gain than anything else. Why in the past; we have so many of them today, not just in the political scene but in business as well.

Self-esteem, ego and self-identity are interlinked and one cannot exist without the other, although their dominance ratios may vary from person to person. They together form the basis of your self, your identity of who you are and the world’s identity of what you are. They together define how you chart the path of your life and what you achieve. Hence, it’s a big positive to maintain a healthy ego. At the same time, your ego should never get the better of you. If it grows to be bigger than you and is not in your control, then; it can do more harm than good.

Maintain the balance in enjoying a health self-esteem, a strong self-identity and a controlled ego in order to ensure a successful personal and professional life. Isn’t that what we are all after, a successful personal and professional life?