New Year and Your Resolutions – Make it Happen!


There is something to be said about New Year resolutions. They come around every year for you to brood over and make them, some new and some probably carry over from the last year.

It’s okay to carry over a few, so long as the past year wasn’t enough to accomplish them or if the timing wasn’t just right. But, to have them show up just because you put them together last year only to forget about them or provide an excuse as to never follow up and lo, here they show up again. That’s a big no-no.

Well, on a positive note, you still seem to have a yearning to get through that them this year. That’s why you remembered and put it on the list this year.

Resolutions are your self-appraisal notes for the year to improve you before it ends. The first task is to put some thought into them and make a priority order of things you want to ensure you achieve during the year. They could be as simple as to dress better, exercise regularly each week and lose a set number of pounds before the year ends to more formidable ones as to save a certain amount of money for the down payment on that new house or new car , make the jump into being an entrepreneur and getting your own company started.

Making resolutions is the easy part. After all, it’s just a list you throw together, right.

More important is to keep them top of mind, each month, and week and day. Make sure you have them written and staring at you everyday. Put them up on your mirror to stare back at you each morning or as the background screen of your computer so you look at them all the time, whatever works for you as a constant reminder. The only way to muster motivation and strength to work on them is to have them right and center, in front of your eyes.

Next, make time each week, or perhaps, every two weeks to go back to your resolutions and evaluate yourself for the time that just went by and your adherence to them. Have you kept up with the work needed to accomplish them? Have you slipped on any? If so, why? What is your excuse to yourself? What can you do different so that you make the effort to not strike one off your list, but make changes in your daily routine, so you get started on that one resolution that you know, you HAVE to accomplish.

Measure, recalibrate and move forward. The harder part is to get moving on the work to accomplish your resolutions. Once you start moving and get inertia out of the way, the momentum and the excitement of the positive results you continue to see will ensure you get through them.

And, what better moment than the euphoria you experience when you have accomplished your resolutions and are in a better place than when you made them and now, you just have more improvement and accomplishments to look forward to!

Happy New Year and all the best with your resolutions! I will see you accomplished over the next 12 months.

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Season’s Greetings & a Happy New Year, 2013!


2012, a year fast-fleeting by, has been one of mixed emotions. Personally, it has been a year of new beginnings, definite trials & tribulations, modest success but one that has filled my heart with the warmth of hope and soaring expectations of the future. That is what you can term as a year well expensed for it has kept me steadfast on the growth path and my hopes lit up with the expectations of a brighter future.

The world has seen a mixed bag in 2012 as well. There were those that believed the world would end on 21st Dec, 2012. I am here and writing this a day later. Rest assured, the world is still in its place and hasn’t been knocked off its orbit around the sun. There are also those that expressed their vision of making the place better for future generations and that continues to be so. However, we have had our share of difficult situations as well during 2012; the economic uncertainty continues and the recent school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut are dark blotches on an otherwise regular year. The indomitable human spirit was showcased once again in the London Olympics this year.

As generations of us look forward to a new year, new beginnings & a better future, it’s the duty of every elder to the ones younger that we strive to make this world more secure, one filled with hope and better prospects, a better quality of life for the generations to come. Let us work together, not only to innovate and build what was once not available but also to safeguard what Mother Nature has given us and meant us to have. Innovation at the cost of what has been endowed by Mother Nature has to retrogress and slow down. Else, Dec 21st is not far off in any year.
With this word of caution, I wish you a very happy holiday season and a new year with best prospects!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It’s that time of the year again. Time to meet your near and dear, well…the far and dear as well. Time to renew relationships, cherish old memories and plan new beginnings. With the advent of the November/December season, the whole atmosphere changes. Pace at work starts to slow down, smiles start adorning every face you see, known or unknown and the cordial wish is on everyone’s lips.

But then, come January and everyone starts falling into their usual routine. The christmas tree comes down, the lights that adorned the interiors and exteriors are stowed away and your busy life starts to take over. Suddenly, the aura and festivity from just a few days/weeks ago starts to fade away. I have always wondered why? Well, perhaps because we are humans and change is inevitable. How wonderful it would be to continue, share and cherish the spirit of the holidays all the year through. The cordiality, the camaraderie, the enrichment in our lives that comes with the holidays. Perhaps I am being a bit ambitious here. Well, if not the whole year, at least an extended few months.

The most important aspect of the holidays is the renewal of relationships, where the children reach out to parents and siblings bond together, where friends and family plan parties, the elder and younger in families get together to spend some quality time. The sense of belonging ness is at its peak at home and at work. With this also comes the time to reflect on a year gone by. What did you learn about yourself in the last 12 months, how did you grow, how did you improve your own life and the lives of the ones around you. What are your shortcomings that you have reined over and successes  that you have achieved.

At the same time, its time to plan and chart your path for a future year. What do you want to achieve in the coming 12 months and how do you plan to do it. What are the weaknesses that you want to take control of, in terms of turning them around into strengths or letting go. What do you plan to do to sustain your current life, relationships and its emoluments and at the same time, make it better for yourself and those around you. How do you want to break it down into achievable steps that will lead you to your planned goals over the next 12 months.

A time of reflection, reinforcement and celebration, that’s what the holidays are for.

Here’s wishing you and your dear ones the best of times to come!