My Story

Most of our life is spent in self-discovery, seeking our unique place in the world, searching for how we fit into the larger scheme of things. And, once we gain clarity about our purpose, it’s time to make strides in that direction and rock the world.

I am here to help you do just that!

Where do you stand in your life’s journey?

While you ponder how I can help you and before you answer that question…

Let me tell you my story.

The very first job I took up was as a teenager, tutoring a couple of primary school kids. I made about $3.00 a month.

Coming from a culture that is highly competitive and where security is primary in all you do, I couldn’t dream of graduating with anything less than a Masters degree. As a result, when I did, I graduated in distinction with two masters’ degrees to my credit, an MBA and a Master’s in Personnel Management.

But the best education I ever got was through hands-on experience in the field. I went door to door doing direct sales for about a year and a half. That was the toughest and the best training I ever got which laid the foundation for my work life. I went on to run a direct marketing company for a few years before I came to the US, to again, do an MBA!

Equipped with three first-class masters, I joined Corporate America, grew through the ranks, became an entrepreneur and had my share of success. One of my passions is teaching. At various points over the years, I have taught grad and undergrad students and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then, what is it that prompts me to help you?

Sept 4th, 2001. I was a newly minted US MBA seeking my fortune in NJ/ NY. After months of trial, I got my first call from a reputed financial services firm.  The person on the other end invited me for an interview at their offices in NY, located somewhere opposite the World Trade Center. He offered to call me back within the week to confirm the date and time.

Sept 6th, 2001. I received another interview call from a well known consulting firm in the South Tower for Sept 11th, 2001 at 08:30AM ET. The same person called me back on the evening of Sept 7th, 2011, to advise that they had to reschedule my interview to 11:00AM ET on Sept 11thand asked me to come at that time.

Sept 11th, 2001. I woke up early and got ready to leave by 9:00AM ET at which time, my cousin, the only person who knew about my interview appointment called me. I was almost out the door when I heard the phone ring and went to pick it up. He frantically told me that there was nowhere to go, to sit down and turn on the TV. I did exactly that and was in disbelief, for several hours while the happenings of the day unfolded.

Over the next several weeks, I continued to call both the numbers, not knowing what to expect. The financial services one kept ringing with no one to answer on the other end.

I couldn’t believe what had happened and how narrowly I had escaped it. I reflected on the whole experience and I am ever grateful for being given a second chance. My perception of life, chance and success found new meaning and clarity from that day on.

I find a deeper purpose in sharing. I write, speak, tell stories and share insights from my life experiences and hope to help you find what you seek.

Now, how can I help you?

Connect if you need help, or support with a company campaign or seek a keynote speaker.

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