Season’s Greetings & a Happy New Year, 2013!


2012, a year fast-fleeting by, has been one of mixed emotions. Personally, it has been a year of new beginnings, definite trials & tribulations, modest success but one that has filled my heart with the warmth of hope and soaring expectations of the future. That is what you can term as a year well expensed for it has kept me steadfast on the growth path and my hopes lit up with the expectations of a brighter future.

The world has seen a mixed bag in 2012 as well. There were those that believed the world would end on 21st Dec, 2012. I am here and writing this a day later. Rest assured, the world is still in its place and hasn’t been knocked off its orbit around the sun. There are also those that expressed their vision of making the place better for future generations and that continues to be so. However, we have had our share of difficult situations as well during 2012; the economic uncertainty continues and the recent school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut are dark blotches on an otherwise regular year. The indomitable human spirit was showcased once again in the London Olympics this year.

As generations of us look forward to a new year, new beginnings & a better future, it’s the duty of every elder to the ones younger that we strive to make this world more secure, one filled with hope and better prospects, a better quality of life for the generations to come. Let us work together, not only to innovate and build what was once not available but also to safeguard what Mother Nature has given us and meant us to have. Innovation at the cost of what has been endowed by Mother Nature has to retrogress and slow down. Else, Dec 21st is not far off in any year.
With this word of caution, I wish you a very happy holiday season and a new year with best prospects!


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