Small talk, how much do you indulge in?

Whether at work or in a social gathering, small talk plays a vital role in breaking the ice and taking conversations to the next level while developing relationships and taking them into exciting places. Whether you are an introvert or not, its important to conciously engage in conversations with others to develop your network as well as conversational skiils.

In work situations, small talk helps cement relationships with your colleagues and peers and actually, brings about a certain ease into these working relationships. The friendships this fosters goes a long way in helping you do a good job as well as improve your standing at work. However, on the flip side, there is a possibility of the small talk overshadowing actual work when seriousness is required to accomplish certain goals. Uncontrolled small talk has a tendency to overshadow the actual premise of what it needs to support and can further encourage gossip and groupism at work. This can be a detriment to teams working together for the accomplishment of common goals.

It has been observed that the workforce of the East is predominantly not at ease with small talk. This needs to become a learned habit in order to excel in the corporate world. At the same time, small talk has to be meaningful, intelligent and situation based. A little general knowledge and awareness of your surroundings goes a long way in helping you strike up a conversation.

So, the next time you see someone you’d like to get to know, or nurture a work relationship, strike up that conversation and leave your mark!



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