Have you smiled at yourself lately?

It’s a tough world out there, getting up to fight the everyday battles of life, at work and at home. Sometimes, you may even feel that you are all alone in your daily battles. This is the time to take a step back and smile at you.

Smiles are magical. They can lift your spirits in a jiffy. I come back home every night after a tiring day and, there is my little 3-year-old rushing to the door as she hears the click of the lock, all smiles and wanting to hug. That just melts away the trials and tribulations of the entire day! For some of us that are far from family or caught up in the tussle and bustle of life, it’s important to find a smile. It’s as close as you looking into a mirror and giving yourself one. Seriously, how many of you actually smile at yourself each morning when you look in the mirror. If you do not, try it.  It can mean the difference between dredging through a tough day versus having a spring in your step and your heart.

A smile relaxes your muscles, the frown on the forehead just disappears and the face is at its best. Smiles are infectious. You smile and look at someone, they smile back. It’s the easiest way to pass some happiness around.

You might say, my situation just doesn’t let me even try to smile. Well, you remember that plastered smile you have seen before where you doubted the genuineness behind it. That will do. It may sound funny but that is a good start. Try it and keep at it. Before you know, you will have a genuine one on your face and this will be there to stay as you work through your issues, but now with a smile on your face! Moreover, now you are spreading it too.

Smiles helps activate the “happiness” biochemical in our bodies, a very vital ingredient for sustained happiness and a healthy and long life. Now, isn’t that a treasure to pass around to friend and foe!


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