Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It’s that time of the year again. Time to meet your near and dear, well…the far and dear as well. Time to renew relationships, cherish old memories and plan new beginnings. With the advent of the November/December season, the whole atmosphere changes. Pace at work starts to slow down, smiles start adorning every face you see, known or unknown and the cordial wish is on everyone’s lips.

But then, come January and everyone starts falling into their usual routine. The christmas tree comes down, the lights that adorned the interiors and exteriors are stowed away and your busy life starts to take over. Suddenly, the aura and festivity from just a few days/weeks ago starts to fade away. I have always wondered why? Well, perhaps because we are humans and change is inevitable. How wonderful it would be to continue, share and cherish the spirit of the holidays all the year through. The cordiality, the camaraderie, the enrichment in our lives that comes with the holidays. Perhaps I am being a bit ambitious here. Well, if not the whole year, at least an extended few months.

The most important aspect of the holidays is the renewal of relationships, where the children reach out to parents and siblings bond together, where friends and family plan parties, the elder and younger in families get together to spend some quality time. The sense of belonging ness is at its peak at home and at work. With this also comes the time to reflect on a year gone by. What did you learn about yourself in the last 12 months, how did you grow, how did you improve your own life and the lives of the ones around you. What are your shortcomings that you have reined over and successes  that you have achieved.

At the same time, its time to plan and chart your path for a future year. What do you want to achieve in the coming 12 months and how do you plan to do it. What are the weaknesses that you want to take control of, in terms of turning them around into strengths or letting go. What do you plan to do to sustain your current life, relationships and its emoluments and at the same time, make it better for yourself and those around you. How do you want to break it down into achievable steps that will lead you to your planned goals over the next 12 months.

A time of reflection, reinforcement and celebration, that’s what the holidays are for.

Here’s wishing you and your dear ones the best of times to come!


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