After all, its only genies who need to be bottled up!

“What a small world it is?” an oft used phrase when referring to the speed and reach of any contact across borders. But, what truly is responsible for this far-reaching consequence of today’s world and more so, what has led to the iterative development of human interaction and improvement over time. Technology? Well, not really. Its communication!

By communication, I mean the act of interacting with each other to exchange ideas, views, notions, beliefs, experiences and much more. Language has always been more of an enabler than a hindrance to interaction. And of all the varied life forms, man is the one blessed with the faculty of myriad forms of communication and interpretation. It’s vital for each one of us to make optimum use of this faculty in various aspects of our life.

Vivid expression, lucid emotions and good health are all the result of effective communication skills. Communication skills are to be honed upon throughout our lives so that we get better at the art and science of interaction and at the same time, benefit from its many virtues. The way we speak, we write, we emote and express are all aspects of a complete package, our personality. Each one of us wants to ensure the most effective interpretation possible of what we aspire to convey. After all, it’s that interpretation which results in corresponding actions and we want to affect the action we desire. Hence, there is a need to master the skill of communication.

It’s often seen that due importance is not given to this everyday act. And yet, we wonder why the resulting actions were not what we expected to see! Earning more, getting a promotion, seeking someone’s affection, speaking your mind; all result from effective communication in specific situations. It’s important to recognize the situation and communicate accordingly to affect the results you seek. It’s also important that you are true to yourself when you communicate since that is when the best of you is reflected in what you have to share. Your authenticity, vigor and true essence exude is your communiqué and as a result has the best impact possible. Moreover, it leaves you with the satisfaction of having spoken your mind and as a result, with a healthier body and mind.

After all, its only genies who need to be bottled up!


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