When a conflict is resolved, is it ever truly resolved?

The human species is unique in many ways, one of them is human intellect, having the ability to think and communicate. The root cause of conflict also rests in this ability. Man can communicate and further, interpret this communique in several ways. As a result, you have misunderstandings, misjudgments, miscommunication etc. Sometimes, these may be trivial and worked through easily and at times run deep; as history has witnessed, these have led to countries going to war with each other.
But, the question remains that when such misses are clarified or worked out to the mutual agreement of either party, is the conflict truly resolved. I think not. A conflict is never resolved. It is just delayed or postponed or alleviated in the present circumstances and is likely to flare up in the same context or under another guise at a later point in time.
Take any issue, for instance; the Indo-Pakistan relationship. It has its highs and lows but never true resolution resulting in an uncompromised and unquestionable camaraderie. There is always that little speck of mistrust. For that matter, WikiLeaks has shown that it is true of the relationship of any 2 countries. But again, these same countries have come together is absolute unity and it was beautiful to see them unite for things that they believe in and showed solidarity for. This was despite the differences they had, but at that point in time, these differences were on a back-burner.
Humans are very ambitious and this ambition adds fuel to fire. This same ambition is the cause of advancements in the world, making the world a better place for again, humans, in some ways good and in some ways, not so good. But, as long as ambition drives one to perform, conflict will always follow. Conflict is a concept ingrained in us; from childhood we are taught about good vs. bad, our religious scriptures preach it, our movies thrive on portraying this conflict which just mesmerize us and bolsters the conviction again and again. Our whole persona is weaved around this concept of conflict that it is actually brain numbing and boring to let go of it. But, there are certain moments that fleet by us where one can experience living above and beyond the clutches of conflict or the judgment that comes with it; for instance, when you meet your loved ones after a very long time or glance at your little kid after a very tiring day at work. These few moments of respite show you the pleasure of stepping away from the real world. Again, these are truly beautiful moments only because they are just that, moments. Can you survive for several days together of such respite? I guess not. It’s human nature to fall back into the core of conflict and that’s where the brain in engaged, in the day-to-day battles of the real world. So, as long as there are opposite poles, conflict thrives.

As some great soul once said, “To err is human, to forgive divine!”


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