Introspection…..your window to discover your true self

Most of us believe that no one knows us better than ourselves. We develop a strong conviction since childhood that we know what we want for ourselves and as a result, tend to defend our beliefs, our thoughts and ideas as vehemently as possible. Ironically, as we grow, we look back and in retrospect, see how little we knew of ourselves. The time that your dad wanted to advise you and you wouldn’t heed, the time that your mother shared her thoughts on your preferences and you didn’t want to discuss that anymore; all those thoughts and memories come rushing back. This happens more so when you face similar predicaments with your own children.

Self Introspection is a vital part of self development. Knowing who you are, what you want to be and where you want to go is an integral part of self discovery. It is ideal to hone these skills right from childhood. After all, clarity of thought is what helps us pave the right path for our future.

In order to begin on this journey, first understand where you are currently. What are your current thoughts, aspirations and priorities? We do not introspect about ourselves the same way as we perceive others. It is important to have the same standards in order to affect true understanding of our self. No one holds the same attitudes, thoughts and beliefs all the time. These tend to change and mature over time; a perfect example is your current self introspection that shows you how these evolved over your lifetime. Our thoughts and attitudes are shaped by our experiences. We tend to shield our children based on our experiences, the same as our parents did. If we did not want to be contained by our parents’ experiences, how can we expect our children to be? Hence, it’s better to teach our children the art of self introspection, show them the path, discuss your experiences and then, leave them to make their own decisions. Remember, you make them strong by sharing and enabling, not by making decisions for them.

Finally, there are several ways to introspect, from simply spending some “me” time to doing meditation. Choose the one that works for you. For some, it might help to keep notes as you wade through the waters of discovering yourselves. Too much or too little self introspection is a detriment to your self discovery, for it can either leave you confused or exhausted. Learn to do it a little at a time, after which come back to your present world. Apply want you have learnt about yourself to make a positive change to your present and as a result, to your future. Over time, you will be very comfortable with who you were, are and will be. And, that leads to self realization and self contentment, the best kept secret we are all after.


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