Trust your gut for there lies the truth!

Have you spoken to your inner voice today?
Each of us has an inner voice that guides and directs our actions. You may call it your mind or heart, but there is definitely a churn that happens before you take a step or execute an action based on a decision.
Before taking a decision, we generally think with the head and at times with the heart. There are times when the decisions taken by the 2 are not the same and we are pulled in 2 different directions. The stronger one reigns. But, whether we acknowledge it or not, there is a 3rd “brain” too that helps guide us. This is what is the “inner voice” or the “gut”. Learn to think with your gut as more often that not, it is this 3rd brain that makes balanced decisions and keeps us on track. It can help take the most difficult of decisions with ease. Even though, our mind and heart might not agree with it, this inner voice somehow already knows what we want to be and where we want to go. Hence, following it and executing its plan will never see us on the wrong track.
Start thinking with your gut. Trust your gut and you will never regret it.


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