Are you happy?

Are you happy?
It has been said time and again that happiness is a state of mind.
Before, we dwell further into that, let’s understand “Change”. The only constant in this world is change. Time treats every individual equally. And as it progresses, it is we that trigger, maneuver, pursue and monitor changes that occur through our life, some better and some not so better. But, ultimately, there is change from moment to moment and our thoughts and actions keep at it through life, pursuing it, influencing it and then again, pursuing it.
What is the end goal? Happiness, you might say. But, happiness is not a destination. If it were and that too, a constant, then; it turns stale over time. Happiness is not an end goal but is a part of the pursuit. If we look for and find happiness in the pursuit of life, then, the journey is a joy to cherish and is the end goal in itself. Furthermore, it never fades; there are always bigger and better things around each turn.
Take life as it comes. Make thoughtful and deliberate interjections on the way to influence the direction you want it to take. Glean the most out of your journey. Remember, your life has an influence on your near and dear ones too. Hence, intersect and intertwine your journey with theirs in complementary ways so that such matrices promote mutual happiness.
When the pursuit is one with the end goal, there are no limits to where you can take your journey and what you can look forward to. Cheers to your life’s pursuits!

Now, I ask again. Are you happy?


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