A Healthy Self Esteem – The cornerstone of your life!

Here’s a conversation between a teacher and a student…

“Sir, I don’t think I am very good at anything.”
“Why do you think so? There are so many things you do and like besides your schoolwork.”
“Yes, but I am just average with the things I do.”
“Well, let’s see.”
“Who has got all A’s at school?”
“I did.”
“Then, you are good at studies, not just average.”
“Who has been consistently learning and practicing martial arts and music? Infact, moving from one level to the next and has also won some awards.”
“Then, you are good at these things that you love and can get better with practice over time.”
“Who does Math best in your class and is ahead of what is taught in class?”
“I am.”
“Then, you are good at Math and with consistent practice can be the best.”
“Who loves to draw and tries to self learn through books?”
“I do. I should join an art school to learn further.”
“I agree. You love it and do a good job at it without any instruction. With some instruction, you could excel.”
“Now, who loves to play and is trying out basketball, football and tennis?”
“Try out different things and continue to learn and practice what you love so that you don’t just get good or better at it but get to be the best! So, do you now see that there are so many things that interest you and you are good at, not just average?”
“This is your chance to try things out, find what you like and love and then, pursue it with unwavering devotion to not just be good at it, but the best. You will be good at anything you like but will only be the best at something you love. Don’t worry about being average. You are already good. Think about how to be the best!”

Self esteem is a very vital part of any growth plan, be it for kids or for us, adults. It is very important that one learn to have a healthy self respect as a contributor within the family, at work and the community at large. What is more important is that we should focus on consciously nurturing it within our kids and our own selves.

In today’s stress driven environment, constant reminders of what you do and how it positively affects the people around you is a must to preserve your self esteem. Each of us is a very unique personality and there is no other like you anywhere around the world. You are a sum total of your beliefs, talents, skills, thoughts, aspirations and behavior. Your surroundings, your past and present have a bearing on who you are. But, its you as a person that can decide on what aspects of these you would like to focus on in order to make the most of your future.

The Eastern philosophy, over the ages has been to be simple, determined, humble and self deprecating in nature. What I have seen of the West is to be aggressive, live life the way you desire and toot your own horn as grandiosely as possible. There are several Easterners that I know with the most magnanimous of achievements but a rather humble self esteem as a result of where they come from. I am not saying that one is right and the other wrong. There needs to be a balance found between the two in order to have a healthy self esteem. Such a healthy self esteem can be the cornerstone of several quality contributions of the future, in this generation and for several future generations to come.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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