What goes around comes around!

It’s so ironic that immediately after one passes away, so much is said and shared about that person. Shammi Kapoor, one of India’s illustrious actors passed away a couple of weeks ago and his fans, friends and family at home and abroad, mourned him. Most of the actors talked about him, his legacy and some regretted not seeing him before his demise although they had planned to do so for weeks and months. Tiger Pataudi, one of India’s cricketing legends passed away yesterday and everyone is reminiscing about him.

It’s the same case with someone at work leaving for another opportunity. Everyone wants to go out for that farewell lunch with them before they leave. Over the last few days before they leave, colleagues and supervisors want to let them know what a splendid job they did and how they will miss them. Once gone, they will probably be talked about for a few days and then, into history, they enter. It’s like the light shines the brightest before it fades away.

If the same compliments were shared while the person was alive or the employee was still at work, what a world of difference it would make to them and to the relationships they cherished. It would perhaps add a few more years to their life, both literally, and at work. The relationships reminisced about would have been much stronger and sweeter. There would be no regrets at all when the person left for a better place or perhaps, this would have been the best place they had ever been to!

Take the time to consciously share your positive sentiments. Everyone loves a good word about themselves or a pat on the back. It boosts and invigorates their spark of life. It makes them yearn for more, thus has them strive to do better at work and in life. A smile, a good word and a pat on the back goes a long way for each of us. Yet, there is very little of it passed around in the rat race of life. It is a habit that has to be developed. After all, what goes around comes around!


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