Live life to the fullest!

As most of you already know, Steve Jobs has stepped down as the CEO for Apple, inc. Today, I was turning through pages from his life history. There are several lessons to be learnt and taken to heart there.

One of the most important ones is the view you have of “life”. All of us have to die one day. No matter where we are born, what we do in life, what social status we belong to, we are all united in death. As disparage as it may seem, we are all here to live a few decades before we turn to dust. This is not philosophy. This is a fact that must be acknowledged.

Then, why not live life to the fullest, the way you want to. Why fetter away years doing what you do not want to but feel compelled to, due to commitments you have.

Change can not be sudden but it can most definitely happen. Spend time thinking about what you really love doing. What are you happy doing? What is it that keeps you so absorbed that you lose track of time? Now, how can this replace your current work and its emoluments? How do you make that happen?

Plan it, Write it. Put a schedule around it and work very diligently on it. Very soon, this will be what you are doing without missing out on your current lifestyle. And when you do what you love, you produce the very best results. Your spiritual and mental peace is at equilibrium. Your health will be in the best condition possible. Now, who knows to what heights that might take you in material success as well!

Live your life the way you want to. Pass the same principles on to your children.


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