Ep - 49: Rendezvous w/ Ron Malhotra, Founder & CEO, RMI


Ep - 49: Rendezvous w/ Ron Malhotra, Founder & CEO, RMI

Ron Malhotra is an award-winning wealth planner, International Speaker, Advanced Mindset and Success Coach, Certified Leadership Trainer, Radio Host and a #1 Best-Selling Author based in Melbourne, Australia. Years ago, Ron realized that living from the outside-in instead of from the inside-out was never going to make him happy. That’s where his transformation came to happen and led him to be who he is today. Ron specializes in enabling professionals and executives to magnify their influence and career, to make an impact and difference, prevent a career crisis or establish themselves as a business leader or a thought leader in their industry or market. Ron has been featured in Australian Financial Review, Money Magazine, Smart Investor, Entrepreneur, ABC & more.

In this episode, we revisit Ron's early days, his transformation and the current projects he has underway. Ron also shares the steps to finding fulfillment and success:

  1. Align your soul, heart, and mind to find success and happiness in what you want to do
  2. Make it your top priority to discover who you truly are
  3. Recognize that all wisdom comes from connecting with your true self
  4. The best way to make money is to add value to other people

Ron’s information can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronmalhotra/


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