Ep - 37: A Talk with Thalia Toha, Business Strategist & Advisor


Ep - 37: A Talk with Thalia Toha, Business Strategist & Advisor

Thalia Toha is a business strategist who focuses on helping entrepreneurs and growing YOU x NOW (through personal development x time management), often by learning from industries that do not typically fall in the business category, like entertainment and arts, and sharing her findings with new business owners. For almost 15 years, she has worked with leaders from a range of industries, from emerging small business owners, to property developers, to 7-figure national brands and S&P companies like the 5th largest US restaurant group. She is a Princeton grad who loves trying out new food trends. Thalia's website is thaliatohagroup.com and her Instagram handle is @thaliatoha.

In this episode, Thalia shares a few macro and micro business strategies and discusses action-item secrets for those serious at getting good in their jobs and businesses (e.g. how to get in front of high-level VIPs, CEOs and stand out in the crowd). Let’s jump in to learn several valuable quick wins…


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