Ep - 56: The Paradox of Expectations!


Ep - 56: The Paradox of Expectations!

In life, there are expectations which we aspire to meet. But, due focus and work is an underlying necessity to ensure such expectations are met. However, many among us have expectations and seek guarantees that they will be met.

"If I do this, I need to be assured that. Not just assured, I deserve that!"

Anything that takes this plan off course causes pain, frustration, and doubts. Where does the issue lie?

In this episode, we explore the issue and what truly helps meet expectations!


The ONE LIFE we have is about experiences, each one unique to us. However, caring and sharing help compound the value of these experiences. Learning from each other's experiences doesn't just nurture relationships but fastens our growth journey! I would like to invite you to join me as I take on the world to share from my life experiences and in the process enrich yours while I hope to learn from all the lives I touch as well! Will you join me?