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Life & Business Strategist and Motivational Speaker from USA

Rajeev Mudumba is a dynamic entrepreneur, a personal and professional coach, and a business strategist. Above all, Rajeev is a diehard optimist with a “can do” attitude.

Throughout his professional life, Rajeev has built profitable, value-based businesses, nurtured strategic partnerships and built lifelong friendships. He has worked with organizations and individuals to remedy challenges and achieve results. Rajeev has achieved stellar results in international business, startups, new business lines, and is focused on helping you succeed in your profession and/ or business and get the most out of your life.

Rajeev is an accomplished author, speaker and thought leader. He speaks and writes frequently on the topics of health & wellness, professional dynamics, self-empowerment, life & career coaching among others. Rajeev has delivered keynote/ topical speeches at national & international conferences. He has made it his mission to extract from his experiences and share to mentor individuals, startups, current, and future entrepreneurs and next-generation executives in the making.

Accolades include World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana’s 2010 Global Visionary Award, Business First of Louisville’s Forty Under 40 Award, Telehealth and Medicine Today’s 2016 Publisher’s Award & Indian Achievers Forum’s 2017 Indian Achievers’ Award for Healthcare and Education.

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The ONE LIFE we have is about experiences, each one unique to us. However, caring and sharing help compound the value of these experiences. Learning from each other's experiences doesn't just nurture relationships but fastens our growth journey! I would like to invite you to join me as I take on the world to share from my life experiences and in the process enrich yours while I hope to learn from all the lives I touch as well! Will you join me?